Science Lab

The laboratories at Vasundhara Public School are well designed to support the curriculum needs of the children. They offer a rich learning environment that embodies all the principles of children’s growth & learning thare are derived from the philosophy of progressive scientific education.

Physics Lab

Physics is an incredible science that spans everything from the amazingly small subatomic particles to the unbelievably large universe!

Physics provides the background, explanation and understanding for biology, chemistry, and engineering. VPS Physics lab consists of a wide range of physics lab equipments to perform a number of experiments which includes glass beakers, test tubes, items scales, lenses, magnets, balls, pendulums inclined planes, voltammeter, electroscope, potentiometer, spectroscopes; electromagnets etc. to conduct the most basic to the latest state-of-the-art experiments etc.

Chemistry lab

Chemistry lab teaches general and introductory chemistry through the lab experiments. A chemistry lab assists students in organizing, carrying out, and documenting various lab experiments. Our Chemistry lab is equipped with a wide range of lab equipments to perform a number of experiments which consists of glass beakers, Analytical Balance, Kipps Apparatus, Distillation Chamber, Digital Balance, Micro kits and various chemicals etc.

Biology Lab

Biology is a study of life — life in all of its grandeur. It is a natural science concerned with the study of life and living organisms, including their structure, function, growth, origin and evolution. VPS has a biology lab equipped with Human Skull, Compound Microscope, Dissect Miscroscope, Specimen, Test-tubes, 3-D models, charts etc.

Mathematics Lab

Mathematics Laboratory is a place where students can learn, explore mathematical concepts and verify mathematical facts and theorems through a variety of activity kits, Vedic/Lab Manual, Smart Board and Models etc.

These activities are carried out by the students to explore, to learn, to stimulate interest and develop favorable attitude towards mathematics. The laboratory provides opportunity to exhibit the relatedness of mathematical concepts with everyday life. VPS offers a fully equipped mathematics lab to build interest and confidence in the learning of the subject.